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Our Values


To build concrete effective participation of marginalized rural groups and ensure the rights of vulnerable women and children in God fearing manner to entirely improve socio-economic development and livelihood improvement for sustainable development.


To ensure quality of lives of the community full empowered through effective participation, vulnerable persons rights ensured for socio-economic and sustainable development.

Current Projects


We aim to get pregnant women to attend all the recommended Antenatal clinics, encourage them to deliver from recognized health facilities, attend post natal care checkups/testing and ensure that women are actively participating in healthcare related decision making both at home and at community levels helping to save mothers and childbirth lives in deprived and marginalized communities. We are also working to bring to an end of preventable diseases through designed projects and ensure that all people regardless of their background history, they have equal access to quality health care.

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We offer child education and sponsorship support programs that help the underprivileged children especially OVCs to attend school as one of their fundamental rights they deserve to attain their full potential as well as installing the spirit of giving back to their communities and country

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The aim is improve household incomes of low income and poor families through training women and youth in income generating activities, providing sustainable innovative solutions that address local community needs and offering low interest small loans to women entrepreneurs to create opportunities that will enable them exploit their full potential.

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You can make a difference by getting involved in our work and being part of our success story. Join our email list now by contacting us at: info@reachthepoor-uganda.org

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